Welcome back to the building!

Good Evening MHS Families,

The faculty, staff, and administration of MHS are thrilled to welcome back many of our students to the building this Tuesday. Myself and several members of the staff will be out on the high school courtyard to greet students back and remind them about which entrances of the building to use and of course to say hello!

Due to our COVID-19 protocols that remain in place, please remember we are not having any visitors in the building at this time. If your child forgets something that you need to bring to school we will be happy to meet you at the door and get the materials to your child. If they need to be dismissed, please call the main office at 413-267-4589 and we will happily get them out to you.

Instruction for all students on Monday will be asynchronous, however students must sign into Google Classrooms following the regular bell schedule for attendance taking purposes. On Tuesday all students grades 7-12 will begin the day in advisory for a welcome back message, activity, and reminder of building protocols. This includes our students that continue to participate remotely. I also ask that our remote students be extra diligent about signing into classes on time and ready to go for the reminder of the semester.

For our students that are new drivers since we last saw one another, congratulations! Please bring five dollars and a copy of your registration to the front office and we will get you a permit in the next few days. Do not worry, no one is being towed!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Assistant Principal Jill Foulis at foulisj@monsonschools.com or me at metzgerw@monsonschools.com. Have a great night, and we will see you soon!

Sincerely, Bill Metzger

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