Our technology department works closely with staff and students to deliver reliable technology designed to enhance the learning experience at Monson Public Schools. Our goal is to create a learning environment that utilizes the best available technology to enrich and improve student learning as well as improve administrative operations.

Our district provides many technology resources for our students and staff, and manages over 1000 devices! The resources on this page will help you get the most out of our offerings. 

We believe the Internet can provide teachers and students with a wealth of educational resources. Along with this great privilege, we feel a tremendous obligation to teach our young people how to responsibly and safely use it. We expect all to be familiar with and accept our district’s policy for acceptable use of this technology.

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Chromebook Quick Fixes / Potential Resolutions


Most issues can be fixed using the 3 options below:

  1. Force Shut Down: Press and hold the Power Button down for 20 to 30 seconds.

  2. Hard Reboot: Hold the refresh and press the power button.

  3. Pre-Wash: Press and hold the escape and refresh keys then press the power button. The Chromebook will restart. Once the computer restarts press and hold the power key for 10 to 15 seconds and let it restart.


If a student says they have a cracked screen, some keys are not working, the Chromebook wont charge (after they tried the 3 potential fixes above), or their charger is broken, the student will need to drop off their Chromebook and / or charger to be fixed or replaced.

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