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Good Morning Early Childhood Families, Thank you for all of your patience as we b

Remote Learning Expectations 1
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egan this year remotely. Over the last few weeks, the teachers and staff have been working hard to continually improve your child's remote learning experience. Below is a remote instruction survey. The feedback from this survey will provide us with more insight into how families are navigating remote learning. We would greatly appreciate your input! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfov8z5Q2AZH3qPgTifk07WmQl5W-X6NnIfmKRfswxZMhIoQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Our Preschool and Kindergarten teams have created remote learning expectations for our Early Childhood students and families. We have created this information to provide additional guidance for our famlies who are supporting their children with remote learning. A copy of this document is attached. We are also very excited to welcome our in-person preschool students on Monday, October 5th! I will be sending the arrival/dismissal procedures to our preschool families shortly! Please contact me directly at morneaus@monsonschools.com if you have any issues with accessing this survey. Have a wonderful day! Suzanne Morneau Director of Early Childhood

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Preschool: 1 Package Low Odor Black Dry Erase Markers 1 Plastic Folder with 2 pockets 1 box of Kleenex Lysol wipes Change of clothes in a labeled zip lock bag Kindergarten: 4 pk Beginner Pencils (thic