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March 24, 2021

“Pursuant to Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §18, and the Governor’s March 15, 2020 Order imposing strict limitation on the number of people that may gather in one place, this meeting of the Town of Monson School Committee will be conducted via remote participation to the greatest extent possible. Specific information and the general guidelines for remote participation by members of the public and/or parties with a right and/or requirement to attend this meeting can be found on the Town of Monson website, at For this meeting, members of the public who wish to listen to the meeting may do so in the following manner: Meeting ID:969 5515 9843, no in-person attendance of members of the public will be permitted, but every effort will be made to ensure that the public can adequately access the proceedings in real time, via technological means. In the event that we are unable to do so, despite best efforts, we will post on the Town of Monson’s website an audio or video recording, transcript, or other comprehensive record of proceedings as soon as possible after the meeting. Present: Chair Jeffrey Lord; Vice Chair Emily-Graves-Harrison; Secretary Kathryn Peterson; Committee Members; Colleen Flynn and Jackie Watts Also Present: Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Clarke; Director of Student Services/Early Childhood Center Suzanne Tetrault; Granite Valley School Principal Katherine Watts; Granite Valley School Assistant Principal Joe Trivisonno; Director of Guidance Robert Bardwell; Director of Food Services Melody Gustafson; Monson High School Principal William Metzger; Monson High School Assistant Principal Jill Foulis; Early Childhood Center Dean of Students/Special Education Coordinator Colette Bidus; and Recording Secretary Karen Methe Note: This meeting was recorded using Zoom technology. Mr. Lord called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Ms. Flynn read the Mission & Vision Statements. Announcements: Dr. Clarke offered congratulations to Kate Royce who was chosen to receive this years’ Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Award. The award is sponsored by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation. She thanked Dr. Clarke and Mrs. Watts for the opportunity to teach remotely and also thanked her students and the parents for being so committed to fully remote learning. Mrs. Royce will be honored at the Eastern Hampden County Zoom Event to be held May 13, 2021 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Mrs. Fedora provided the weekly COVID report stating that that the case count has increased due in part to the prevalence of the United Kingdom strain which is more contagious. She noted that in the past 2.5 weeks there are 11 students and 3 staff members that have tested positive, adding that well over 20 families are affected. Mrs. Fedora gave a breakdown of close contact information. She stated that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has provided information on a shortened quarantine and she gave options available to staff and students. Mrs. Fedora reviewed the guidance and expectations and said she would like to reinforce that she and the

School Committee Minutes: Page 1 of 5 Regular Business Meeting-March 24, 2021

DRAFT COPY for distribution/approval at the Regular Business Meeting-April 7, 2021

administration did not create the CDC guidelines but are charged with enforcing them. Ms. Graves-Harrison thanked her for her continual hard work. Mrs. Fedora informed the Committee that all pooled testing has come back negative and 2 of the 15-minute rapid tests were positive and she has followed up on both. Pathfinder School Committee Vacancy: Selectmen Committee members, Dr. Smith and Ms. Hull were in attendance at tonight’s meeting. Dr. Smith opened their meeting at 7:19 p.m. The candidate that had expressed interest in being appointed to the Pathfinder School Committee vacancy was not in attendance as planned. It was the consensus of both Committees that they would like the opportunity to meet the candidate, therefore rescheduling this Agenda item to April 7, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Lord and Dr. Smith will reach out to the candidate to confirm he is still interested, and if so, direct him to contact Mrs. Bingle in the Selectmen’s Office. Dr. Smith closed the Selectmen’s portion of the meeting at 7:27 p.m. Minutes: Motion by Ms. Flynn to approve the February 10, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes as presented. (Second by Mr. Watts) No discussion Motion carries 5-0 Motion by Ms. Graves-Harrison to approve the February 18, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes as presented. (Second by Mr. Watts) No discussion Motion carries 5-0 Subcommittee and Liaison Reports: Finance Subcommittee: The Subcommittee members met and Mrs. Loglisci reviewed a very detailed FY22 budget that Dr. Clarke will be presenting later in tonight’s meeting. Human Resources/Negotiations Subcommittee: Subcommittee members met to review, discuss and subsequently approve 2 new job descriptions for 2021-2022 that were proposed by Dr. Clarke. Policy Subcommittee: Ms. Peterson reported that she and Ms. Graves-Harrison reviewed proposed language changes for Policies BBA, BBBA/BBB, BDE, BDE-E, BEDA, BIBA and CBD. Most of the changes were grammatical in nature but those that had substantive additions and/or deletions were read for the Committee. Motion by Ms. Peterson to accept the first read of the aforementioned Policies and move to a second read. (Second by Mr. Watts)

School Committee Minutes: Page 2 of 5 Regular Business Meeting-March 24, 2021

DRAFT COPY for distribution/approval at the Regular Business Meeting-April 7, 2021

No discussion Motion carries 5-0 Superintendent’s Report: Dr. Clarke reported that the buildings are ready for the return to 5 day in-person learning on April 5, 2021. Work continues on the FY22 budget, including grant planning. Diversity training for the staff, with Aseem Rastogi, will include a video made by former Monson High School students expressing their views on what they experienced during their years in the district. Dr. Clarke noted that the week’s pooled testing had 55 negative results, adding that there were 11 negative rapid test results and 2 positive ones. The people with positive cases have been contacted by Mrs. Fedora. Dr. Clarke thanked Mrs. Zippin for the coordination of the testing. The Unified Basketball Team had a game at Chicopee Comprehensive High School. Dr. Clarke stated that the spring season for athletics will begin on April 26, 2021 and will include post-season tournament play. She asked for the Committee’s consideration in reducing the fees for lacrosse, track, cheerleading, softball and baseball. Mr. Lord asked what the budget impact would be and Mrs. Zippin responded that due to savings in other areas of the athletics this year, there would be no impact to the budget. Motion by Ms. Graves-Harrison to reduce athletic fees, as follows, for the 2021 spring season: lacrosse and track to $100 from $150, cheerleading to $100 from $175, softball to $200 from $250 and baseball to $200 from $275. (Second by Mr. Watts) No discussion Motion carries 5-0 Public session: Mr. Lord opened Public Session at 7:57 p.m. No one came forward to address the Committee. Mr. Lord closed Public Session at 7:58 p.m. Old Business: Agenda item #8a - Granite Valley Social-Emotional Update will be postponed to April 28, 2021. New Business: Prior to presenting the PowerPoint for the 2021-2022 budget, Dr. Clarke thanked the Administrative Leadership Team, Mrs. Loglisci and Mrs. Zippin for their collaboration in the development. Dr. Clarke reviewed the following objectives: Retain and expand the programs and initiatives currently in place. Increase academic and social-emotional support for all students. Increase family engagement. Create a sustainable, defined structure for the Central Business Office. Next Dr. Clarke outlined the things that will impact the district next year: The continuing challenges related to COVID-19 for families, students and staff.

School Committee Minutes: Page 3 of 5 Regular Business Meeting-March 24, 2021

DRAFT COPY for distribution/approval at the Regular Business Meeting-April 7, 2021

Bus division outsourced. Increasing technology needs Retirements The specific goals for the CBO were presented and explained along with the budget impacts. Mrs. Tetrault, Mrs. Watts and Mr. Metzger provided specific information regarding programming additions and/or changes for their schools. Mrs. Tetrault noted that for Special Education there will be increased inclusion support at the high school, an additional teacher in the Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) – upper level, and a reduction is some out of district tuitions, with some students returning to school in district. Mr. DeMaio gave an update for the operation and maintenance of plant. Other initiatives being considered are return of the Extend morning and afternoon child care program, a Parent Resource Center in the CBO Pod, Vocational Independence Program Bistro and moving the School Committee Room to the CBO Pod, which will limit public access to the reminder of the Quarry Hill Community School building. Dr. Clarke presented a chart containing the history of town appropriation funding for the past 7 years. The School Choice numbers were reviewed from 2019 showing increase each year with the projected FY22 enrollment of 65 students, totaling $325,000 for the district. School Choice funds are used for technology costs and to offset the budget. Dr. Clarke reported on the grant funding and how each specific one is utilized. In summary, Dr. Clarke noted that no staff positions are being cut, the only exception are those that were temporary and COVID-related. The positions being added will be a Director of Curriculum, Director of Business and Operations, Extend Program Coordinator, TLC Lower Teacher, Early Literacy Interventionist and .5 Technology Assistant. Dr. Clarke added that the Commissioner of Education says to plan for a “normal” return to school in the fall. Ms. Graves-Harrison feels that the Policy/Diversity Subcommittee should be 2 separate Subcommittees. Mr. Lord asked that the discussion be held as an agenda item at a subsequent meeting. Action Items: Post the first read of Policies BBA, BBBA/BBBB, BDE, BDE-E, BEDA, BIBA, CBD and CBI on the website. Post the 2021-2022 Budget Presentation on the website. Motion by Ms. Flynn to adjourn to Open Session. (Second by Ms. Peterson) No discussion Motion carries 5-0 Open Session closed at 8:50 p.m. Documentation for this meeting: March 24, 2021-Regular Business Meeting Agenda Policies: BBA

School Committee Minutes: Page 4 of 5 Regular Business Meeting-March 24, 2021

DRAFT COPY for distribution/approval at the Regular Business Meeting-April 7, 2021

BBBA/BBBB BDE BDE-E BEDA BIBA CBD CBI Monson Public Schools 2021-2022 PowerPoint Budget Presentation Distributed at meeting: N/A Approved by Committee: ________________________________________ Kathryn Peterson, Secretary

SC Approved Minutes 3-24-21
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