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January 3rd Superintendent's Update:

Dear Monson Public Schools Families:

We are experiencing a rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in our community and

district. There are currently 38 students and 14 staff members who have tested positive

for COVID-19, and many within our district who have been identified as close contacts.

Along with our usual protocols, we are instituting some changes internally for the month of

January, including moving to the Zoom format for nearly all meetings, and the cancellation

of the “Whatever It Takes” program, the Granite Valley Art Club and the Granite Valley

Band and Chorus practice. At the end of the month, we will reassess where we are with

positive cases and make a decision as to whether or not to continue with the changes.

You may be aware that the guidance around COVID-19 isolation and quarantine has

changed. To assist you in determining your child’s return to school, please observe the

procedures outlined below. Should there be any modifications to these procedures, we will

of course keep you updated!

Self-isolation for positive COVID-19 cases is a minimum of five days after symptom onset or

after positive test, if asymptomatic. (Day 0=symptom onset or after positive test if



If fully vaccinated:

  • No quarantine required but recommended to wear a mask around others for 10

  • days

  • Test on day five if possible

  • If symptoms develop, quarantine and get tested

If unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated:

  • Quarantine is at least five days from the last exposure

  • Return to school on day six provided that they:

    • Remain asymptomatic and

    • Conduct active monitoring for symptoms through day ten, self-isolate if symptoms develop, get tested

    • Adhere to strict mask use for an additional five days


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