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Some Scholarship & Award Etiquette

Each year thousands of dollars of scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors. Approximately $60,000 is awarded to students from Monson High School through local scholarship organizations. If you receive a scholarship or award, here are some basic tips that you should consider: * Within a week after the Awards ceremony, it is important to send a thank you note to the individual or organization. The note does not need to be lengthy or elaborate but should be sincere and heartfelt. * It should be hand written. * Write it yourself. * If possible, make a point to hand deliver it to the individual or a representative of the group. Not only is this a kind gesture, but it will make the donor feel good about their efforts. * If you receive the check prior to the beginning of school, ask the college if the money can be credited to your account in order to avoid the temptation of spending it on things other than school related expenses. It is important to remember that the way in which you handle the scholarship process is highly scrutinized. Everything from the initial application, to the awards selection, to the follow up reflects not only upon the individual, but also Monson High School and future scholarship recipients. Therefore, it is imperative that you handle yourself in a mature and responsible manner.

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