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7th and 8th Grade Supply Lists


  • 1 subject notebook

  • ruler

  • pencils

  • highlighters

  • colored pencils


  • device to record performance at home (audio and video)

  • headphones

  • methods book (if they don't already have it)

  • metronome

  • staff paper notebook


  • 3-subject notebook

  • pens

  • pencils

  • highlighters

  • mini sticky note tabs in 4 different colors


  • Graph paper or graph paper notebook

  • ruler

  • scientific calculator

  • pencils

  • protractor

  • lined paper notebook

  • whiteboard and eraser whiteboard markers

Social Studies:

  • 1 Subject notebook

  • 3 ring binder w/ dividers

  • pens/pencil

  • highlighter

  • colored pencils

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