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Before and After School Care

We are excited to announce that the MPS Extend Program is back for the 2024/2025 school year! 

Registration will be open on July 15, 2024. Spaces will be granted on a first-come-first served basis.

Morning Care:

For Grades

Full-Day PreK - 6
6:30 AM through Start-of-School

Afternoon Care: For Grades 1 - 6

End-of-School through 6:00 PM

Program is for students enrolled in Monson Public Schools and is held at the Early Childhood Center: 43 Margaret Street in Monson, MA


This registration does not guarantee a space in the program, however your place in line will be saved in the order in which a complete registration is received. 

Please let us know your weekly needs for MPS Extend. You are responsible to pay for the days you sign up for - with the exceptions being when school is not in session. 


We keep separate records from the school as we operate outside of normal hours. If your child is on an IEP, needs certain medications, or anything else you can think of, we want to know. Any and all information that will help us best care for your child is wonderful! 

Do you have another child to sign up?
Do you have another child to sign up?
Do you anticipate your child(ren) qualifying for any of the following discounts?

The Staff at MPS Extend has my permission to access all student records held by Monson Public Schools relating to the health and safety of my child. I understand that these records will simply be added to my child’s file at MPS Extend and will only be used internally to provide the safest environment possible for both my child and the children and staff of MPS Extend. 

I understand that all children enrolled in MPS Extend are expected to behave in a proper and respectful manner that follows all school protocols and that there will be no tolerance for any hitting, name-calling, foul language or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the staff. In accordance with the severity and frequency of the behavior, MPS Extend reserves the right to dismiss any child from the program and I understand that no refunds will be made in these situations.

I understand that failure to pay will result in forfeiture of my student's space in the program.


I understand that in the event my student is removed from the program, their space will be given to the next child on the waitlist.

I understand that I can reach out to the MPS Extend team at any time should I have any questions or concerns, and in turn, I know that the MPS Extend team will communicate with me should there be any updates or concerns.

By checking this box you acknowledge that you both understand and agree to the statements above.

Thanks for registering!


Please note that this does not guarantee a space in the program and someone from the Extend Team will be in touch soon to let you know your status.


Your place in line will be saved and your student will be added to a waitlist in the event that no spaces are available at the time of this application.

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