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Letter from Interim Principal Matthew F. Sullivan

To the Monson Community:

It is with great pride and excitement that I write to you today to introduce myself as the interim

principal of Monson High School. As we turn the calendar to a new year, we are also entering a

time of change and new possibilities here, and I look forward to working closely with all of you

as we move forward together.

First and foremost, a word of appreciation for my predecessor. Mr. Metzger led Monson High

School for eight years, and guided this school through both good and bad times. Whether it

was the excitement of graduations and athletic championships or the innumerable challenges

presented by the pandemic, Mr. Metzger led the school with a steady hand, clear vision, and a

commitment to fairness and transparency. I greatly value his friendship, guidance, and

mentorship, and pledge to continue the good work that will be his lasting legacy to our school.

That work is going to manifest itself in some exciting ways in 2022. We will be introducing a

new academic schedule, which will expand our already robust offerings and provide greater

choice to our students. We will also be incorporating a new student management system which

will be more easily accessible for parents and students. We will also continue to strive to

reintroduce much-loved traditions such as Winter Carnival and other events after postponing

these events the past year. This is a time of change and challenge, but also a time of incredible


To close, I want to offer a few things about myself. You’ll find that I am open, honest, and direct,

that I love teaching and learning, and that I am both a lover of tradition but also a big fan of

trying new things. I will prioritize being open and accessible and recognize the importance of

communication. Above all, I have a student-centered attitude; all decisions about this school

will ultimately be determined by what is in the best interest of the most students. That is my true

north. There will be times when we disagree, but I will work tirelessly to show that at no point

will there be a time when you question my commitment to students. Education is my passion,

and the education of the students in this community is our unquestioned mission. I could not be

more excited to be afforded this opportunity, together we are going to do great things.


Matthew F. Sullivan

Interim Principal

Monson High School

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