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January 14, 2021 Update

Good evening -

I write today with another update. At last night’s meeting, the School Committee voted the

following with regard to transitioning between in-person and remote learning:

Target metric: A case count of the last 14 days per the DPH metrics of 43 or fewer.

Transition time: Two consecutive weeks of 43 or fewer before we move to hybrid

in-person learning. Three consecutive weeks of 44 or above before we move to fully

remote learning.

Additional consideration: Continue to review the level of connectivity of positive cases

to the schools and adjust the learning model as necessary.

This decision was made with careful consideration and thought. We are very fortunate to

have a School Committee that is deeply vested in the safety and well-being of everyone in our

school community. As you know, the number of positive cases in Monson and much of

Massachusetts is at an all-time high. We must proceed cautiously and use the data to inform

our decisions.

Over the next several days, staff and administration at Granite Valley and Monson High will be

reaching out to every family to confirm their choice of learning model for their students. The

choices are as follows: 1) four-day in-person Monday through Thursday and Friday half-day

remote; or 2) fully remote learning. We wanted to be sure that families had all of the

updated information before confirming their decisions. Quarry Hill students have already

been assigned and will also be learning either fully remotely or in the four-day in-person

model. Once everything is completed, we will begin reassigning staff as necessary, preparing

our classrooms, and hiring any additional staff required to ensure that our maximum

classroom occupancies remain at 15. There is much work to be done!! Please remember that

all of the health and safety protocols are in place and will be reviewed with our students

upon their return. I have attached some of the highlights of these protocols as well as how

we ensure our buildings are disinfected and ready for staff and students.

The School Committee also confirmed that we will bring back our high needs students who are

in substantially separate programs on Tuesday, January 19, and that our basketball program

will begin on January 18.

This evening, the Department of Public Health released their weekly metrics, as they do

every Thursday. Please see these metrics below:

Case Count Last 14 Days

Our target: 43

Last week: 55

This week: 84

Additional metrics for your information:

Average daily incidence rate per 100,000

Last week: 46.8

This week: 71.5

Percent Positivity Last 14 Days

Last week: 10.00%

This week: 12.8%

Because we did not hit the target of a case count of 43 or fewer this week, and two weeks of

that number is required to transition to in-person learning, the earliest date for that return is

now February 1, assuming our case count is 43 or below the next two Thursdays. I will keep

you posted as always! We understand that some may be disappointed, but we are fully

committed to bringing everyone back as soon as possible. Please remember that when we do

return, all students preschool through grade 12 who chose the in-person option will attend

four full days per week!

In the meantime, if you have not already done so, proof of a flu shot is due by February 28.

Please email this documentation to the nurse in your child’s school building. If your child

does not receive a flu vaccine and you do not provide a religious or medical exemption, your

child will participate in school remotely until such time as the vaccine is administered. ECC at Quarry Hill Granite Valley School Monson High School

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Fedora at

Thank you for your continued support and we will see you soon!


Cheryl A. Clarke, Ed.D.



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