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Fall season update!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I just wanted to reach out to you before the games, meets and matches begin. All student-athletes will be provided with 2 passes on lanyards for home events. Lanyards must be worn so that we can easily identify that you are part of the 50 allowed spectators at our events. Spectators without a lanyard will be asked to leave. Although the state has raised maximum allowances, the MIAA has not changed the guidelines for sporting events. All spectators are asked to wear a mask and be 6 feet socially distanced from each other. The bleachers will be closed but as long as you have your lanyard and mask, you are welcome to set up a chair away from others.

I am going to try to livestream games. Hopefully it works well but I have never done this before so please be patient with me. The youtube station is . I have a tripod coming in the mail but this week may be a little shaky.

Also, I will be posting on Instagram at Monson_Athletics. If you have any pictures of our games, meets or matches, please text them to me at 413-575-4648 so I can add them to the Instagram page. I know, as a parent, how bad you want to go to the away games but I am asking that you follow the PVIAC rules. Several of the schools aren't even allowing their own home fans. I'm hoping by offering the livestream you will feel like you are still there supporting our Mustangs.

Schedules are updated on the MIAA site. Visit . In the top left, click on school lookup and type in Monson. Then click on the sport and click show schedule. I will also post weekly on the Monson Public Schools facebook page and the Monson Athletic Boosters also post schedules and important information.

Payments are now due. If you have not paid, please log into your Family ID account and pay online (preferred method) or send in a check made out to the Town of Monson.  I still have Mustang masks available for $10 each. If you would like to purchase one, please email me.

Finally, I have a google classroom for all of the athletes where I will be posting information for them and also asking them to answer a couple of questions daily that will help remind them to report any symptoms. I am so excited we have been able to get the season going. There were days that I didn't think we would be able to. My next goal is to get them a winter season. Modifications are not out for winter yet but I expect them to be in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for all of your support and please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Coaches are also available but please remember the 24 hour rule - give them 24 hours before and after a game before you contact them....unless it's Covid related of course. 

Well, I think that is all for now. Stay safe and go Mustangs!



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