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PreK updates

Good Morning Early Childhood Families, Please see the ECC updates below: Backpacks: We have noticed that some of the students came to school with back packs. Due to COVID-19, we had asked all families to limit the items that are brought into school, which includes backpacks. After talking to some families, I understand for some students, this was disappointing. However, we still need to limit items coming into school for the safety of everyone. Therefore, starting on Tuesday, October 13th, please do not send your child in to school with a backpack. If they have a snack or lunch (for full day preschool) they only need their lunch box/water bottle each day. Helping Students: We are here to help and support our students, however, we also want to remain socially distanced from the students to ensure everyone's safety. To assist our staff, please send your child in clothing that is easy to pull up and shoes that slip on easily. This will minimize assistance needed from our teachers and staff during the school day. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions at Sincerely, Suzanne Morneau Director of Early Childhood

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Preschool: ● 1 Package Low Odor Black Dry Erase Markers ● 1 Plastic Folder with 2 pockets ● 1 box of Kleenex ● Lysol wipes ● Change of clothes in a labeled zip lock bag Kindergarten *Please note that


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