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Important notes on EpiPen Training

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Important Information Specific to Monson Public Schools:


Slide 15.6 All food/beverages brought into a classroom/school by an adult must be brought to the Health Office and CLEARED BY THE NURSE. The food/beverage MUST have an ingredient list on it. No home baked goods will be brought in to the classroom for any reason.


All food/beverages for after-school activities MUST be cleared by the Nurse.

All food/beverages for the MPS Extend Program MUST be cleared by the Nurse.

All snacks for the MADE Programs MUST be cleared by the Nurse.

All Food/beverages for dances, including Prom, MUST be cleared by the nurse


Slide 17.1 Trained staff at Monson Public Schools are only allowed to given Epipens to students who have a known allergy and a doctor’s order.


Slide 17.8 Again, Staff are not allowed to give an EpiPen to a student with an unknown allergy history.


Slide 17.9 Staff at Monson Public Schools are not allowed to administer Antihistamines, such as Benadryl for any reason.


Slide 17.11 Trained staff at Monson Public Schools are only allowed to given 1 EpiPen during an emergency. They are not allowed to given a second dose. If the student has a second dose, it should be given to the EMT’s when they arrive.


Slide 17.14 It is the Law in Massachusetts that anyone receiving an EpiPen, must go by ambulance to the ER. There are no exceptions, a parent cannot override this law and drive the child themselves.


Slide 20 We do not have Birthday Celebrations with Food at the Monson Public Schools. No food is allowed to be eaten on the bus unless it is in a Student’s 504 or IEP. If a child has a medical need to eat on the bus, the child MUST come sit in the front seat to eat. Athletes should be eating/drinking before they get on the bus.


Slide 21.2 After 911 is activated, notify the parent and/or primary care physician.


Slide 22 It looks like you’re done, but you’re not, Keep Going! There are 8 more important slides…


Slide 24.1

* Allergy Emergency Plans are kept in the Teachers Sub Folder. It is the Substitutes responsibility to read it and review each time they act as a sub.

* A reminder that the Nurse must clear any foods brought in to the class, do not bypass this requirement for any reason.

* We do not use allergens in class projects, science experiments or cooking activities

* We do not use food for birthday celebrations or rewards

Slide 24.3 The Monson Public Schools offer “Peanut/Tree Nut Free” tables.


Slide 24.5 Chaperones assigned to a student with a life threatening allergy MUST be EpiPen trained.


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