This includes symptomatic, test and stay, and routine covid safety checks (pooled testing)

This program has three components: symptomatic testing for students who show symptoms of COVID-19 at school, routine COVID safety checks to prevent the spread of the virus undetected among students who are not showing symptoms, and test and stay for students who may have been exposed while in school but are not showing symptoms. Each of these is a quick, non-invasive nasal swab that is collected under the supervision of a school nurse or trained health provider.


Unlike COVID-19 tests of the past, these are not uncomfortable and easy for students to do themselves. Students only participate with permission from a parent or guardian. It is important to us that you are fully informed regarding the process and that we can answer any questions you might have in advance of asking you to sign the consent form. Below we describe each of the three parts of our testing program, how they are conducted, and what they are used for.


Symptomatic testing is used when a student is showing symptoms of COVID-19 during school; students should not come to school if they are feeling sick while at home. Some symptoms of the virus look identical to other illnesses like the cold or flu, and this test tells us whether a symptomatic student has COVID-19 or not. This is a rapid test, and we receive the results of this test within 15 minutes. If a student has minimal symptoms and tests negative, they can remain in school.


Routine COVID safety checks minimize disruption to learning by helping us catch potential spread of the virus before it starts. This safety check is administered on a weekly basis. Samples are collected at school in groups of 5-10 individuals. The samples are grouped together in the lab. Once the samples get to the lab, all the samples in the group are tested for COVID-19 together. In almost all cases, it will take less than 24 hours to receive safety check results. Students can continue to come to school and they do not need to quarantine while awaiting safety check results. If a safety check test is positive, the lab will automatically process each individual sample to determine which student(s) in the group produced the positive test.


Test and stay allows students who have had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 while at school to stay in school if the student is not showing symptoms. Instead of needing to quarantine and miss school, these students will take a daily rapid test while they remain in school as long as they are not symptomatic. Students participate in test and stay for at least five days after they may have been exposed.


If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they must quarantine at home for the CDC-recommended ten days since symptoms appeared or ten days since the positive test before returning to school. The student must also be without a fever for 24 hours.


Although students who are vaccinated are much less likely to spread or contract the virus, it is important for us to create an inclusive environment for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students.


To participate in the program, please click on this link: to complete the consent form on behalf of your student. There is no charge for participating.


If you have additional questions regarding the program, please contact our Testing Coordinator Leah Zippin at


It is our hope that these measures will work together to keep our schools safe and your student in school. Thank you again for your support during this challenging time.

For Symptomatic and Test and Stay Only


You will be notified of individual test results either via phone or email.

If your student has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days, they should not yet participate in COVID-19 testing to avoid false positives.

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By completing and submitting this form, I confirm that I am the appropriate parent, guardian, or legally authorized individual to provide consent and:


  1. I authorize collection and testing of a sample from my student for COVID-19 at school for an individual test only. By signing this form, I am consenting to the following testing methods for my student. I understand that my student's school will determine which testing methods are offered to my student and will inform me of the services the school is administering prior to the start of, or any change to, the school’s COVID-19 testing program. More detail about test types is provided in Appendix A.

    1. Individual testing on symptomatic individuals: for when individuals present symptoms while at school

    2. Individual testing on close contacts (Test and Stay): for asymptomatic close contacts to be tested daily for at least five (5) days from the first day of exposure, with individuals testing negative being allowed to remain at school

  2. I understand that all sample types will be non-invasive, short nasal swabs or saliva samples.

  3. I understand that I will be notified about the results of any individual test for COVID-19 performed on my student.

  4. I understand that there is the potential for a false positive or false negative COVID-19 test result, no matter the kind of testing being performed. Given the potential for a false negative, I understand that my student should continue to follow all COVID-19 safety guidance, and follow school protocols for isolating and testing in the event the student develops symptoms of COVID-19.

  5. I understand that staff administering all COVID-19 testing have received training on safe and proper test administration. I agree that neither the test administrator nor the Monson Public Schools, nor any of its trustees, officers, employees, or organization sponsors are liable for any accident or injuries that may occur from participation in the COVID-19 testing program.

  6. I understand that my student must stay home if feeling unwell. I acknowledge that a positive individual test result is an indication that my student must stay home from school, self-isolate, and continue wearing a mask or face covering as directed in an effort to avoid infecting others.

  7. I understand the school system is not acting as my student’s medical provider, this testing does not replace treatment by my student‘s medical provider, and I assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regards to my student’s test results. I agree I will seek medical advice, care and treatment from my student’s medical provider if I have questions or concerns, or if their condition worsens. I understand I am financially responsible for any care my student receives from their healthcare provider.

  8. I understand that COVID-19 testing may create protected health information (PHI) and other personally identifiable information of the student, and such information will only be accessed, used, and disclosed in accordance with HIPAA and applicable law. Pursuant to 45 CFR 164.524(c)(3), I authorize and direct the testing provider to transmit such PHI to my student’s school, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and the testing laboratory. I further understand that PHI may be disclosed to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and any other party, as authorized under HIPAA.

  9. I understand that participation in COVID-19 testing may require the school to disclose my student’s identity, demographic, and contact information from education records to the testing provider and may require the school to disclose my student’s identity, demographic, and contact information from education records to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Pursuant to FERPA, 34 CFR 99.30, I authorize my school to disclose such personally identifiable information (PII) as is required for my student to participate in COVID-19 testing. 

  10. I understand that authorizing these COVID-19 tests for my student is optional and that I can refuse to give this authorization, in which case, my student will not be tested.

  11. I understand that I can change my mind and cancel this permission at any time, but that such cancellation is forward-looking only, and will not affect information previously released. To cancel this permission for COVID-19 testing, I need to contact Leah Zippin at


I, the undersigned, have been informed about the COVID-19 test purpose, procedures, possible benefits and risks, and I have received a copy of this Informed Consent. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions before I sign, and I have been told that I can ask additional questions at any time. I voluntarily agree to this testing for COVID-19 for my student.

Thanks for submitting!