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Wyatt Aloisio - 2008


Wyatt Aloisio   

Year of Graduation


Current Job Title

Staff Writer and Reporter, Turley Publications and the Journal Register Newspaper, Palmer, MA

Fondest memory from school

Without a doubt it would have to be meeting my current group of friends as well as my fiancé. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people throughout the years, but even after all this time I still continue to remain close to the same people I was friends with during my time at the High School.

I credit them as possibly one of the biggest reasons I chose to remain in Monson beyond my college education.

My time spent with them during those years continues to this day to rank high among the memories that I have from when I was in school.

How did your Monson education prepare you for your current job duties?

From a learning standpoint I’d say that the Monson Schools helped to foster my pre-existing love of reading and writing and to show me that even in a time of automation and computers there is still a need for storytellers.

I whole-heartedly attribute much of this to the writing skills I was taught in the 7th grade by Ms. Patricia Cawley who showed me that writing can be enjoyable for both myself and those who read what I’ve written.

Monson is a unique town in that growing up here and coming through the school system I not only received an education but I was also taught to have an appreciation for our local community as well. I believe that this is the same for a lot of Monson alumni and a reason why many of us choose to stay or return to Monson even after our graduation.

Nurturing this appreciation for the community and coupling it with my love for writing, meeting and hearing the stories of others, and the need for honest information it made sense for me to not only pursue my career in journalism but to be naturally attracted to a small town paper like the Journal Register.

What advice would you share with current Monson students about your career journey?

It’s never too early to begin thinking about what you would like to do as a career and more importantly never too early to begin making preparations for that career. Interning, work based learning, and volunteering with employers and individuals already working in prospective career fields and taking early opportunities to begin making contacts and steps toward your goal really do make a big difference in the long run.

Having a good set of skills to work with is also important, as it never hurts to have something to fall back on. Never rely on just one thing, always seek to improve your knowledge and understanding of the world around your and of new things that may yield possible future opportunities.

Lastly I’d say that the most important thing above all else is to have fun. Many career choices I’ve seen today are driven by a need to make more money and to not fail. But failure is never something to be ashamed of as long as you are able to take a lesson away from it in order to better yourself and when you enjoy what you do, and commit yourself to it, then success is sure to follow in one form or another.

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