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Matt Baron - 2004


Matt Baron

Year of Graduation


Current Job Title


Fondest memory from school:

My fondest memories from Monson High have to revolve around all the extracurricular activities available through the school system. The team memories around tournament time in baseball or state championship races with cross country will last a lifetime. Television appearances on As Schools Match Wits will probably be the closest to Hollywood we ever reach. Working with student council and national honor society on school and community projects really embedded a sense of community. 

How did your Monson education prepare you for your current job duties?

Monson High never had as many resources as some of the regional or brand name private schools in the area, but it did have incredibly dedicated faculty who encouraged their students to become engaged with lifelong learning. To be honest, my calculus skills are not really applicable to my daily work and a lot of the subject specific material only gets brushed off for a night of pub trivia, but the broader skills of time management, teamwork, stick-to-itiveness, engagement and curiosity honed during grade school are applicable across all job fields. For potential employers, a diploma represents a certification of those skills more than anything else. I remember complaining about memorizing national capitals or the periodic table as much as the next student, but it was through those exercises that I developed the less tangible skills that really matter. 

What advice would you share with current Monson students about your career journey?

Think about who you want to be and what you want to do constantly. Too many people fall into a life or career path by default. You cannot reach your goals if you haven’t established any. Every single successful interview I have every participated in has hinged on convincing the interviewer why I am the best candidate for the position by how it fits into both my and the employers long term goals. Passion comes through in the narrative and it cannot be faked. 

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