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Marie-Claire Foley - 2003


Marie-Claire Foley  

Year of Graduation


Current Job Title

Guidance Counselor, Baird Middle School, Ludlow, MA

Fondest memory from school

So hard to choose!

  • The entire grade learned a dance to "I Believe I Can Fly" in the gym at Quarry Hill and performed it for our parents.
  • I loved being a part of A Christmas Carol at Monson Jr./Sr. High School when I was in 8th grade.
  • Winter Carnival Sophomore year when we beat the older classes and felt really cool.
  • Senior spring when everyone became so close and every single week, there was something to look forward to and we were all in it together.

How did your Monson education prepare you for your current job duties?

I knew I was going to become a Guidance Counselor when I was just in middle school. I was always giving advice and helping people solve their problems. I loved talking to Mr. Bardwell about his job and I won the Psychology award from Mr. Vossen during my senior year. This gave me the confidence to pursue my goal of helping people for a living – and actually getting paid for it!

What advice would you share with current Monson students about your career journey?

I know that Monson feels like a bubble that you can’t wait to burst and get out of. I felt like that too, until I went to college and moved to Boston. Then, I realized that growing up in Monson is one of the most important parts of me. It made me value the simple things of life and have an understanding of real community. Also, my best friends became my bridesmaids 12 years later. 

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