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KC Fussell - 2011

KC Fussell - 2011


KC Fussell

Year of Graduation


Current Job Title

Massachusetts House of Representatives Legislative Aide

Fondest memory from school:

Travelling with the Men’s and women’s cross country teams to compete all over Massachusetts. I was able to train, compete and just generally hang out with an amazing group of people who became some of my closest friends, and who have remained so over five years later

How did your Monson education prepare you for your current job duties?

The block scheduling and overall freedom when it came to choosing classes helped me pick a variety of classes to become a well-rounded student. Also, I always felt that my teachers were very approachable and because of this, any time I was particularly interested by a subject I found it easy to ask any of my teachers after class for supplementary reading or other material about that subject.

What advice would you share with current Monson students about your career journey?

Discover and cultivate non-academic skills that could make you different from the average student or worker. These are often harder to empirically measure than a GPA or an extra-curricular activity, but in conversations with potential-employers, unique skills or approaches to life that make you different from other candidates are often what employers want to hear. Whether it’s for example public speaking, or a particular ability to think of or find non-traditional solutions to problems, etc, skills like these (that should only really come out in an interview) are often what will solidify yourself in a potential-employer’s memory. 

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