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Brittany Norton - 2008


Brittany Norton

Year of Graduation


Current Job Title

Medical Illustrator/Manager for Osmosis

Fondest memory from school:

As Schools Match Wits meetings with Mr. Hyman. Those were always so much fun! Mr. Hyman was always so entertaining. I have so much random trivia knowledge from those meetings! I also loved my time in Saturday Morning Art Club with Mr. Devine. Any time spent with Mr. Devine was a blast!

How did your Monson education prepare you for your current job duties?

The small class sizes, especially in my art and science classes at MHS, really helped with getting quality 1:1 time with the teachers. As a trainer in my field, I keep in mind that value of getting to know all of my interns and making sure I dedicate enough 1:1 time with them, even after the training is over.

What advice would you share with current Monson students about your career journey?

Take advantage of any and all opportunities you get to speak with/shadow people in the career paths you’re interested in! The more you are able to experience “in the field”, the more you’ll know what to focus on in college, which classes will be more helpful, and most importantly, you’ll create connections with people in that field to keep in contact with for the future!! 

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