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School Supply Lists

5th Grade Supply List 2017-2018
5th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

Each student should have the following materials on the first day of school and maintain these throughout the year.


1. Trapper-type binder

2. Seven pre-punched, two pocket folders (one blue, yellow, red,

green, and three generic)

*3. Crayons or colored pencils or markers

4. Two boxes of tissues to be replenished as needed.

5. Six spiral notebooks (one blue, yellow, red, green, & two


6. Pens (black or blue only)

*7. Pencils (with good erasers)

*8. Two or three glue sticks

9. Index cards (300, 3X5)

10. Dictionary for home use


*Items marked with an asterisk require duplicate items that need to be purchased for use at home as well.

We prefer that children NOT bring other materials as they are very distracting. No staplers, white out, small pencil sharpeners, or glitter, etc. Please consult the handbook. 

6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018
6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

Trapper keeper

3 three hole folders (any design)

2 Boxes or more of #2 Pencils

Black and blue pens ONLY

4 Folders (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

5 1-subject notebooks (Blue, Yellow, Green, and 2 any color)

(plastic covers encouraged)

1 3 -subject notebook (Red) (Mead or Five star encouraged)

Glue sticks

Scotch tape

Colored pencils

4 pack of thin low odor dry erase marker

4 pack of assorted thin highlighters

Pencil box or container

2 boxes of tissues

2 containers of Clorox wipes


7th Grade Supply List 2017-2018
7th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

All Classes: Please replenish as needed.

Binder pouch insert for supplies

A USB/Flash/Jump Drive

Pens, pencils, erasers, colored pencils

Highlighters, dry erase markers and eraser


Donations of tissues, paper towels, Clorox wipes are greatly appreciated.


English Language Arts:

1 – yellow pocket folder

1 – 1.5 inch binder with paper and dividers

Paperback Thesaurus (recommended)

Unabridged Dictionary (recommended)



One 1.5 inch binder filled with lined paper

Calculator with square root and exponent key (recommend TI-30XII or TI-34II)



National Geographic student world atlas

1 blue 3-subject notebook

1 blue pocket folder




3 green 1-subject notebooks

1 green pocket folder

Glue sticks, white-out and variety of basic art and craft supplies



8th Grade Supply List 2017-2018
8th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

ELA – 2.5-in binder with loose leaf paper and dividers, Paperback dictionary/thesaurus, 2 folders to keep in classroom

Math/Algebra – 2-in binder with loose leaf paper or spiral notebook and folder, graph paper, single-subject notebook to keep in classroom

Science/STEM –2-in binder with loose leaf paper OR spiral notebook and folder, composition book (for lab activities), folder to keep in classroom

History - 2-in binder with loose leaf paper or a spiral notebook and 2 folders to keep in classroom

Specials – 2 spiral notebooks, 1 folder

Spanish – continue to use binder from 7th grade

Scientific calculator (TI30X recommended)

USB drive – or Google Drive account - this is a must!

Pencil box / bag


Pens – black or dark blue ink only

Pencils, Colored pencils

Dry erase markers and eraser


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